On Property Services

Designed for livestock managers. We work with you on farm and online developing practical plans that generate measurable ecological and profitable outcomes for your business.


Here you receive hands on support, we will help guide you in your journey to a more profitable, resilient business.


1. Annual on farm consultation
2. Quarterly online consultations
3. 10% Discount for further consults
4. All online content + live coach 
5. Community discussion access
6. Invites to live conversations with Dick
7. Downloadable resource library & toolbox

Pricing: Contact us for current prices

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We will work with you to ensure you and your operation continually improve, season after season.


1. Bi-annual on farm consultation
2. Quarterly online consultations
3. 20% Discount for further consults
4. Priority support
5. All online content + live coach
6. Community discussion access
7. Invites to live conversations with Dick
8. Downloadable resource library & toolbox

Pricing: Contact us for current prices

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Rally a local group of farmers together, split the cost and create a community. 


1. Quarterly on farm consultations
2. All online content + live coach
3. 20% discount for further consults
4. Community discussion access
5. Invites to live conversations with Dick
6. Downloadable resource library

Not sure who would be interested in your area? Contact us and we can aid in setting up your group.

Pricing: $550 per business per meeting

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Included with all plans are the following services and support.

On Farm Consultation

We will come spend the day with you on farm to discuss:

- Grazing Naturally training and implementation guidance in relation to your farming system
- Ecological community and pasture performance appraisal in the paddock
- Soil carbon and soil building assessment in the paddock
- Setting up grazing plans for the current season
- Addressing practical issues around grazing planning implementation
- Checking stocking rate to carrying capacity
- Animal performance appraisal in the paddock
- Appraising the property’s potential
- Addressing practical issues on farm with respect to implementation
- Using the Maia grazing platform for implementation and records
- Revisiting and making adjustments to plans as a team every time conditions change

Online Content

Grazing Naturally 101

This course will provide you with the introductory principles of the Grazing Naturally System. 

Expect insights and methods that you can help you start to improve your soil health, stocking rates and profitability on farm.

Grazing Naturally Fundamentals

Both an entertaining and instructional course covering the fundamentals of ecology, plant growth and the principles of Grazing Naturally. The relationships between ecosystem function and the patterns of grazing is highlighted, giving insight to outcomes and the patterns that created them.

This course will set people up to make changes in their own organisation.

Grazing Management

This is an advanced course that will develop your skills in grazing planning and control. The training uses Maia Grazing and/or a Spreadsheet to demonstrate the practice and calculations involved in the creation of sound plans. 

The training develops the ability to integrate livestock and grass inventories and develop the skills of matching Stocking Rate to Carrying Capacity. This is a practical training where you will have the option to be developing your own plans with guidance from one of our Grazing Specialists (additional charges apply).

Conversations with Dick

Join us for live conversations between Dick Richardson and experts in Agriculture. We will aim to have everyone from Soil Scientists, Farmers and everyone in between. We will stay highly focused on bringing you current best practice in landscape, animal and grazing management.

Resources & Toolbox

Grazing Plan templates, the entire documentation suite of the Grazing Naturally System, bonus video Q&A content with Dick and much more! 

Community Discussion

Conversations, insights, and questions covering anything to do with ecology, grazing management or on farm issues. 

Share your knowledge and join in the discussion to help continue the learning journey.

Learn the principles behind a high performing grazing ecosystem and start to implement change yourself.

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We have a satisfaction guarantee. You can at any time cancel or change your membership tier.

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