Grazing Naturally System Fundamentals

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Grazing Naturally System Fundamentals

Grazing Naturally System Fundamentals

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Both an entertaining and instructional course covering details of ecology, plant growth and the principles of Grazing Naturally. The relationships between ecosystem function and the patterns of grazing is highlighted, giving insight to outcomes and the patterns that created them.

This is a detailed course that will enable you to implement change in your own farming system.

- One to one coaching sessions

- 24x7 Discussion / Q&A

- 7.5+ Hrs of Video Content

- 44 Lessons

- Downloadable Tools

- Resource Library

- Shearing Shed Lectures

- In Paddock Experiments

- In Paddock Demonstrations

- Interactive Content

- Completion Certificate

- Community discussion access

This course is primarily targeted for anyone working with livestock. 

A highly principle based course that will suit anyone from farm hands, to managers to owners in setting the foundations to make decisions for your own operation.

Awareness of Ecological Fundamentals

- The Generation of Soil from Rock

- The Carbon Cycle

- Evolution of Ecological Communities

--Earth’s Ancient Forests

--Earth’s Modern Grasslands 

--Evolution of Living Carbon Rich Soil

Nature at Work - Building Soil Depth and Maturity with Animals and Plants

- Plant Productivity – Water and Nutrient use versus Exudate Production

- Animal Productivity related to Plant Productivity

- Wild Grazing

Ecological Processes and Systems

- Biodiversity

- The Water Cycle

Grazing Genesis – Evolution of Practice

- The Variables of Grazing

- The Evolution History & Progression of Grazing Practice

The Grazing Naturally System

- The growing season

- The non-growing season

- The Grazing Naturally System

Feed Budgeting with Grazing Naturally

-The Grazing Naturally STAC Method of Fodder Assessment

- The Basics of Calculating Feed Demand and Matching Stocking Rate to Carrying Capacity

You will need to set aside roughly 10 Hrs to complete the course in full.

You can take as long as you need to complete the course.

Improve your knowledge in the principles beyond a high performing grazing ecosystem.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a satisfaction guarantee. A full refund is available to our online students within 7 days of purchasing the course should you not be happy with your learning outcomes.

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