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Practical support through the Grazing Naturally System. Delivering improvements in your stocking rate, soil health, and profitability.

Our Services

Developing on farm resilience and profitability in a practical, adaptive and entertaining way.

Our principles:

Our methods, systems and knowledge have been developed over time and continue to evolve.

We're constantly looking at the latest research, working with farmers, academics and researchers to ensure what we teach is practical and of current best practice.

From Dickisms to killer flowers and sucking on rocks.

We want to have fun while we work. Join a workshop, event or discover your operations potential through our online courses to see what we mean....

We strongly believe that in nature, Form Follows Function. What does this mean?

The way an ecosystem is formed is as a result of how it functions, not the other way around. For example, a grass land functions through digestion of animals resulting in its form. A forrest functions through decomposition of plant material resulting in its form.

As a result, management practices need to be aligned with the system you're working.

We’re hear to support farmers in moving to a more resilient, productive and profitable operation.

The Grazing Naturally System

The Grazing Naturally System has been developed by Dick Richardson to be an ecological principle based solution. 

Offering an entire farm management system that his highly adaptable for all farmers to take onboard and implement in a way that suits your style, location and operation.

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We offer various membership packages. Supporting farmers through:

- Regular on farm consultations
- Remote support
- Online Courses + Dedicated Coach
- Discussion communities
- Live conversations with Dick and more!

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Online Courses

Learn the principles, skills and tools you need to operate a resilient and profitable farm. With interactive content, a dedicated coach, in paddock and in shearing shed conversations.

You will be setup with the knowledge to implement change yourself. This is no ordinary course.

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