Farming Solutions

Providing practical solutions and support that generate measurable ecological and profitable outcomes for farmers.

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Developing on farm soil health, stocking rates and profitability in a practical, adaptive and entertaining way.

The Grazing Naturally System

The Grazing Naturally System has been developed by Dick Richardson to be an ecological principle based solution. 

Offering a farm management system that his highly adaptable for you to take onboard and implement in a way that suits your style, location and operation.

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On Farm Services

We offer various on farm services. Supporting farmers through:

- Regular on farm consultations
- Remote support
- Online Content
- Discussion communities
- Live conversations with Dick and more!

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Online Content

Learn the principles, skills and tools you need to operate a resilient and profitable farm. With interactive content, a dedicated coach, in paddock and in shearing shed conversations.

You will be setup with the knowledge to implement change yourself. These are no ordinary courses.

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