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We provide practical solutions and support that generate measurable ecological and profitable outcomes for farmers. We achieve this through knowledge sharing of natural land management practices in a practical, engaging and entertaining way. We understand that every location and enterprise is different, as such we take a principle first approach to our advice, this ensures land managers are equiped with the knowledge to implement what works for them.

Our services are all based on the Grazing Naturally System.



The Grazing Naturally System has been developed by Dick Richardson to be an ecological principle based solution.

Offering a farm management system that his highly adaptable for all farmers to take onboard and implement in a way that suits your style, location and operation.

How does it work?

Green living plants managed by grazing animals in a Grazing Naturally pattern of use, sequester soil carbon into Humus to build soil structure. Humus, a carbon based compound created by soil biota from animal dung and root exudates at depth, holds mineral particles apart creating 'space' in the soil. Keeping plants green and youthful drives the flow of liquid carbon into the soil to feed the soil building biological community.

This makes Grazing Naturally more profitable as animal performance is better on younger plants.

Using varied natural patterns of grazing enhances both the grazing organic community and soil life. This develops the form of natural grasslands and savannahs with healthy, vibrant plants, animals, and soils that are deep and high in carbon.  

The benefits of Grazing Naturally are balanced ecologically and economically and are simultaneously more productive resulting in improved quality of life.

Our Team

Our Principles

We strongly believe that in nature, Form Follows Function. What does this mean?

The way an ecosystem is formed is as a result of how it functions, not the other way around. For example, a grass land functions through digestion of animals resulting in its form. A forrest functions through decomposition of plant material resulting in its form.

As a result, management practices need to be aligned with the system you're working.

From Dickisms to killer flowers and sucking on rocks.

We want to have fun while we work. Join a workshop, event or discover your operations potential through our online courses to see what we mean....

Our methods, systems and knowledge have been developed over time and continue to evolve.

We're constantly looking at the latest research, working with farmers, academics and researchers to ensure what we teach is practical and of current best practice.

We’re hear to support farmers in moving to a more resilient, productive and profitably operation.

Who is Dick?

Get to know Dick Richardson, our lead consultant, trainer, advisor and farm supporter.

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Head over to our contact page and reach out, we would love to hear from you and will get back to you quickly .

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