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Learn the principles, skills and tools behind a resilient and profitable farm by implementing the Grazing Naturally System.

Our engaging Online Courses are delivered by Dick Richardson with a dedicated coach throughout the course. Filmed on location in his shearing shed and out in the paddock.

Dedicated Coach

Our courses all include 1-1 sessions and 24x7 chat functionality, enabling an interactive learning experience.

Self Paced

You can take as long as you like to finish the course. We're never far away however to ensure you stay motivated.

Supporting People

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Expected Outcomes

The value of soil depth and maturity. The carbon cycle. The functioning of ecological communities in relation to soil building. How plants, animals and living organisms build soil. Understanding soil cover and more!

The natural functions of a grazing ecosystem. The effects of light and heavy set stocking. Why multi paddock rotational grazing systems often work at first, then stagnate and fail. Working with natural patterns to generate ecological shift. Building soil carbon and soil depth using natural grazing patterns of animals. The fundamentals of the Grazing Naturally System and more!

The basics of matching stocking rate to carrying capacity. Assessing feed availability using the simple STAC method. Plant health, soil building in the paddock and more!

Grazing Naturally System Fundamentals

Both an entertaining and instructional course covering the basics of ecology, plant growth and the principles of Grazing Naturally. The relationships between ecosystem function and the patterns of grazing is highlighted, giving insight to outcomes and the patterns that created them.

The course emphasizes the practical and easy to apply Grazing Naturally system. Grazing Naturally is demonstrated as a viable solution to address ecological decline in grazing agriculture in changing climatic and economic conditions.

This course will set people up to make changes in their own organisation.

- One to one coaching sessions

- 24x7 Discussion / Q&A

- 7.5+ Hrs of Video Content

- 44 Lessons

- Downloadable Tools

- Resource Library

- Shearing Shed Lectures

- In Paddock Experiments

- In Paddock Demonstrations

- Interactive Content

- Completion Certificate

- Community discussion access

This course is primarily targeted for anyone working with livestock.

A highly principle based course that will suit anyone from farm hands, to managers to owners in setting the foundations to make decisions for your own operation.

Self Paced - You can take as long as you need.

You will need to set aside roughly 11 Hrs to complete the course in full.

Awareness of Ecological Fundamentals

- The Generation of Soil from Rock

- The Carbon Cycle

- Evolution of Ecological Communities

--Earth’s Ancient Forests

--Earth’s Modern Grasslands 

--Evolution of Living Carbon Rich Soil

Nature at Work - Building Soil Depth and Maturity with Animals and Plants

- Plant Productivity – Water and Nutrient use versus Exudate Production

- Animal Productivity related to Plant Productivity

- Wild Grazing

Ecological Processes and Systems

- Biodiversity

- The Water Cycle

Grazing Genesis – Evolution of Practice

- The Variables of Grazing

- The Evolution History & Progression of Grazing Practice

The Grazing Naturally System

- The growing season

- The non-growing season

- The Grazing Naturally System

Feed Budgeting with Grazing Naturally

-The Grazing Naturally STAC Method of Fodder Assessment

- The Basics of Calculating Feed Demand and Matching Stocking Rate to Carrying Capacity

Dick Richardson leads the training throughout the course. Get to know Dick and more about the Grazing Naturally System - Here

What are our customers saying?


Farmer - Deep Creek, South Australia

Grazing Naturally has helped us bring a lot of knowledge we had into one management system. We now have a much better understanding of our influence on the landscape and animals. And what is best of all is it is continually adapting with us.


Farmer, Canada

Very good course, will be looking to implement this on our farm this year.  Much of the learning hits home with me as we have  been using Holistic Planned Grazing on our place for 15 years and have seen production plateau after 4-5 years of the same management.


Farmer - Blayney, NSW

Dick has a willingness to share his wealth of embodied knowledge and as clients, our knowledge of pastures and landscapes is growing! He always has a cracking story of his life experiences to share and with every interaction with him we learn.


Consultant - Coffs Harbour, NSW

Dick Richardson has a deep affinity with the landscape, livestock
and the people that depend on and work with both. In terms of
hands on skill, knowledge and practical advice, Dick is a leader
in the field.

Improve your knowledge in the principles behind a high performing grazing ecosystem.

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Breakout Courses

Check out our short courses, these are a subset of the Grazing Naturally System Fundamentals course that provide options for more focused learning to people interested in a particular topic only.

Ecological Fundamentals

This is designed for everyone from Gardeners to anyone working in Agriculture.

Providing a thorough understanding into the fundamentals behind ecosystems including the evolution of organisms in relation to their environment, the carbon cycle, plant productivity, biodiversity, the water cycle and more!

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Grazing Management

Just want to know about how to setup the Grazing Naturally Method? This course is for you.

Covering: Working with natural patterns to generate ecological shift, Building soil carbon and soil depth using natural grazing patterns of animals, the basics of the Grazing Naturally system and more!

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Feed Budgeting

Want to improve your feed budgeting techniques? Look no further.

This course covers the basics of matching stocking rate to carrying capacity, assessing feed availability using the simple STAC method and more!

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Bonus Content

With any course purchase you also receive access to the Natures Equity community discussion group, exclusive invites to live ‘Conversations with Dick’ and access to our Resources & Toolbox area.

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Community Discussion

Conversations, insights, and questions covering anything to do with ecology, grazing management or on farm issues. 

Share your knowledge and join in the discussion to help continue the learning journey.

Resources & Toolbox

Grazing Plan templates, the entire documentation suite of the Grazing Naturally System, bonus video Q&A content with Dick and much more!

Who is Dick?

Get to know Dick Richardson, our lead consultant, trainer, advisor and farm supporter.

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