Grazing Naturally Fundamentals Workshop

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Grazing Naturally Fundamentals Workshop

Grazing Naturally Fundamentals Workshop

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Both entertaining and hugely instructional session covering the basics of ecology, plant growth and the principles of Grazing Naturally. The relationships between ecosystem function and the patterns of grazing is highlighted, giving insight to outcomes and the patterns that created them.

The day emphasizes the practical and easy to apply Grazing Naturally method. Grazing Naturally is demonstrated as a viable solution to address ecological decline in grazing agriculture in changing climatic and economic conditions.

This session will set people up to make changes in their own organisation.

    • The value of soil depth and maturity
    • Soil building and the carbon cycle
    • The functioning of ecological communities in relation to soil building
    • How plants, animals and living organisms build soil
    • Understanding soil cover
    • The natural functions of a grazing ecosystem
    • The effects of light and heavy set stocking
    • Why multi paddock rotational grazing systems often work at first, then stagnate and fail
    • Working with natural patterns to generate ecological shift
    • Building soil carbon and soil depth using natural grazing patterns of animals
    • The basics of the Grazing Naturally Method
    • The basics of matching stocking rate to carrying capacity
    • Assessing feed availability using the simple STAC method
    • Practical session on plant health and soil building in the paddock
    • Afternoon includes a question and answer session

Time: 0900 to 1600

When: We will contact you to work out a date that will suit.

Travel: Additional travel costs may be applicable.

This course is primarily targeted for anyone working with livestock. 

A highly principle based course that will suit anyone from farm hands, to managers to owners in setting the foundations to make decisions for your own operation.

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