Tiltagoona Grazing Naturally Field Day, Nyngan, 29th June

Tiltagoona Grazing Naturally Field Day, Nyngan, 29th June

Event description

Western Local Land services is inviting landholders and other interested parties to attend a free field day focusing on grazing management at Tiltagoona Station, a 66 000 acre property near Tilpa. NSW.

Key topics will include: 

  • Feed budgeting
  • Soil
  • Ecological management; and 
  • Stocking rates 

The day will include a 'Grazing Naturally' session with guest speaker, Dick Richardson from Grazing Naturally, followed by lunch and field trip.  

This workshop will offer landholders insights into grazing management strategies that will help to increase production, improve the property's natural resource base, provide greater biodiversity and enhance the resilience of the property to future drought.  

The tour will be led by Dick and workshop host, George Millear who will discuss the background of Tiltagoona Station including the property's grazing management, and demonstrate key concepts from the morning session.  

Presenters include: 

George Millear (Owner and Manager "Tiltagoona")

Dick Richardson ( Grazing Naturally/ Natures Equity) - is an internationally recognised leader in the natural grazing practices to improve soil depth and health, water retention, increased biodiversity and animal production. Dick is highly regarded and has presented at many workshops throughout the Western region. 



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