Central West NSW - Grazing Naturally Workshop

Central West NSW - Grazing Naturally Workshop

Workshops: Grazing Naturally

Dick Richardson from Grazing Naturally is an internationally recognised grazing expert with more than 25 years experience. These practical workshops will assist land managers to make effective decisions around grazing management. 


  • 9am-4pm, Monday, 29 August 2022
  • “North Condo” Woolshed, 1400 Boona Road, Condobolin


  • 9am-4pm, Tuesday, 30 August 2022
  • “Bonnie Doon” Woolshed, 124 Bonnie Doon Lane, Tullamore

Topics covered

  • The effects of grazing management on plants, ecology and profit
  • Annual vs perennial plants, soil cover, root and soil development
  • Different grazing systems, practices and their effects
  • Importance of vulnerable areas such as Mallee and strategic grazing in these areas
  • Layout of water and fencing infrastructure
  • How to increase grass performance
  • Feed budgeting
  • Plant identification
  • Results from nutritional analysis of local pasture and Mallee species

This project is supported by Central West Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government


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